About Tempy Moore

She is a self-taught portrait artist.

As a child, she began with charcoal reproductions of the photos she saw in "Rolling Stone" magazine as a teenager. She’s always loved creating artwork and continued on this artistic path when she earned her degree in Graphic Design, in Pittsburgh.

In 2008, the classic Myron Cope with his Terrible Towel sketch that she completed for her husband, Scott, started what is now known as Art For Yinz.

It was that piece that had people inquiring about her work instantly. This led many people commissioning her for original pieces of art. This grassroots talk of her “Myron Cope” piece began her professional art career.


Since 2010, she found herself taking personal commissions from professional athletes. This built new relationships and opened more doors into other sport related Charity Events. Exhibiting at memorlblia shows in Pittsburgh area, Tempy met local sports memorbilia store owners and started doing custom pieces for athlete autograph signings.

Tempy was Commissioned by Consol Energy to paint "Live" in New York City inside the Empire State Building. For four hours, Moore said, she will set stage and make four abstract paintings - one hour each - as a tribute to each industry represented at the reception. Those companies will be Consol, U.S. Steel, Alpha Natural Resources and CSX Transport, representing coal, steel, natural gas and railroads, respectively.

In 2012, she completed a project, "Best in Baseball 2012." The limited-edition series features 150 baseball greats featured in five hand-drawn cards, including three black-and-white pencil sketches and two color pencil sketches, for a total 750-card set. She also completed another set of baseball cards, 2013 Best of Baseball for TCSP Inc.

Days before opening day at PNC Park, Tempy was contacted by Levy Restaurants looking for a chalk artist to draw years menu boards. By day four, all four chalk boards were designed, layed out and hand drawn featuring special graphics for each restaurant.

Tempy was then asked to join Steel City Mafia in 2013. The Steeler Fan Club, located all over the world, welcomed Tempy and her hand drawn artwork and allowed her even more access to NFL players and Hall of Famers.